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Painful Bunions & Flat Feet



    Painful bunions are common in patients that we treat, associated with pain by the big toe. Our practice provides everything from alternative footwear to bunion surgery when necessary. Flat feet is another type of pain caused by a lack of arch, typically cared for with orthotics. In severe cases, Dr. Morelli and his team will provide surgical management when necessary.

    What is a bunion?

    A bunion is a bony bump that takes shape on the base of the first, or big, toe. Bunions are a progressive deformity that can become more severe over time. The most common symptoms associated with this condition are pain on the side of the foot, often aggravated when one is wearing shoes.

    How are bunions treated? 

    After x-rays and an examination of the patient's foot, the podiatrist will determine the severity of the problem before recommending treatment. Treatment options may include:

    • Anti-inflammatory medications or painkillers can help ease the discomfort and pain associated with bunions. 
    • Custom sole orthotics or orthopedic shoes may help slow a bunions progression and reduce pain if the condition is mild.
    • If pain and discomfort are hindering your daily activity and mobility, surgery is usually required to re-align the bone under the big toe.The surgical operation to correct a bunion is referred to as a bunionectomy.  Surgeries are often, but not always successful, but the best way to revive foot function and relieve pain in severe cases. 

    Is it possible to prevent bunions?

    If diagnosis is made early on, bunion progression can be slowed down by proper footwear and custom shoe inserts. It is recommended that you see a podiatrist early on to fully evaluate a bunion and offer treatment.

    What are flat feet?

    Most people have a gap under the arch of their foot when they are standing. The arch, the inner part of the foot is slightly raised off the ground. People with flat feet or fallen arches either have no arch, or it is very low. The feet of people with fallen arches may roll over to the inner side when they are standing or walking, known as overpronation. The feet may point outward.

    Diagnosis and Treatment

    • Podiatrists will diagnose flat feet by watching the patient stand and walk, and by examining the feet
    • If flat feet cause pain, supportive well-fitted shoes may be recommended
    • Insoles and custom orthotics may reduce pressure and relieve pain
    • In severe cases, an ankle brace or surgery may be required
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