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Foot Care for Kids


Catching foot problems in a child's early years is the best way to avoid foot problems in the future. If you notice something uncommon in the appearance of your child's feet, it may be a sign of a larger, underlying problem.

Should I visit the doctor?

As children grow, some of these conditions correct themselves without treatment, while others may become more severe due to other medical or biomechanical conditions. It is important that you see a podiatrist to determine the difference between problems that will correct themselves, and others that need intervention at an early age. Physicians and pediatricians may not catch abnormal foot conditions that are commonly thought to correct themselves, so an evaluation by a foot and ankle surgeon is necessary to determine whether treatment is needed, or nothing at all.

Check for symptoms and schedule an appointment if you notice flat feet, pain, limping, ankles turning in, or any change in your child's physical activity level.

At what age should I bring my child to see a doctor?

It is never too early for a foot exam! Foot and ankle conditions can afflict children of any age, and it is always better to diagnose and address a problem early on. As children become active in sports and physical activities, it is even more important to look out for changes in their feet and ankles.

As parents themselves, Dr. Morelli and Dr. Shvets are committed to helping children of all ages. Not sure whether to bring your child to the doctor? Reach out to us with your questions.

Caitlin morelli