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Mission Work in Nicaragua


Mission Work in Nicaragua


Since 2004, Dr. Morelli has traveled to Nicaragua with the United Methodist Church of Mamaroneck. Each year, the team provides medical and surgical attention to underserved children and adults from the HEODRA 400-bed teaching hospital in Leon. Dr. Morelli has also organized the donation of thousands of dollars worth of medical supplies for patients and staff in Nicaragua.

In recent years, he has been accompanied by Dr. Jeffrey Seigel, a podiatric foot and ankle surgeon from Albuquerque, New Mexico, and a team of surgical residents. These trips are an opportunity to not only give back and treat unique trauma and pathology, but to train podiatric students.

Nicaragua Team

2017 trip

Another rewarding surgical mission trip in Nicaragua has come to an end, once again filled with rare and complicated pathology, as well as every day pedal deformities. As always, it continues to be an experience to not only treat unique cases of trauma and pathology, but also to train podiatric students, American surgical residents, and Nicaraguan orthopedic residents. We are grateful for Dr. Jeffrey Siegel's partnership and unique talent in reconstructive pediatric club foot, ankle and leg pathology. With a wide range pedal deformities and trauma, we are never at a loss for work. This year’s resident and students were from the Albuquerque VA in New Mexico and Penn Presbyterian Medical Center in Philadelphia. 

Get Involved

To get involved or donate to the collection of medical equipment for next year's trip, contact Dr. Morelli at