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Since 1990, we have providour patients with cutting edge technology for both surgical and non-surgical treatment of all foot problems, including the following: 


heel pain

Chronic heel pain and painful tendonitis of the foot and ankle affect countless people limiting their ability to walk, work, participate in sports and enjoy life. 

The Topaz™ Microdebrider is an innovative technique that uses a minimally invasive approach to preserve and restore the normal anatomic structure of the plantar fascia, by delivering a precise amount of radiofrequency energy to stimulate an immediate healing response. Learn more about treatment for heel pain.

Fungal ToeNails

If you have discolored, brittle or ragged toenails, the cause may be a fungus that grows beneath the nail. Topical medications have a low success rate, because it is difficult for them to reach the fungal infection unless the nail is removed. After laser treatment, patients tell us that after several months, they can wear sandals they haven't felt comfortable wearing for years.

(*NEW*) The Noveon Podiatric Laser is specifically designed to treat toenail fungus. Laser therapy can penetrate the nail and eliminate the fungus, making it possible for toenails to grow back without discoloration.

Flat Feet

Recurrent talotarsal dislocation is a common condition that creates a damaging misalignment of forces in the foot and the entire body. This can be the direct cause of numerous foot ailments, including flat feet, plantar fasciitis or heel pain, overpronation, bunions, and heel spurs, - as well as the direct cause of pain in the knee, hip, back, and even the and shoulders.

HyProCure is a small, minimally-invasive implant that can address a flexible flat foot deformity and re-align the foot with the leg. It's not right for every patient, but may be for you. Learn more about HyProCure.

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